Piet van Noord

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||| Liddle Rascal behind the decks of ED Episode 065 |||

Piet van Noord 01 Liddle Rascal may be new to the spotlight, but he's no stranger to the land of trance and progressive. After hearing a CD with the 1999 Spundae Studio set by Hybrid in early '00, he was hooked. He danced from genre to genre. Breaks, Trance, Hard Dance, House, finally landing in his genres of choice, Deep Progressive House and Minimal Progressive Trance. After learning how to mix, he made a brief foray into the land of internet radio as a guest on LRCN's 4x4 Show on Afterhours.fm and a short lived live internet series called The Absinthe Sessions. Shortly thereafter, life caught up to him. He disappeared off the face of the EDM for years only to re-emerge, determined to resurrect The Hookah Clan and committed to spreading the Progspel across the globe, one set at a time.

In a quest to get in touch with his musical roots, he recently sprung on an idea for a new series of DJ sets called The Mixumentaries. This unique series gives the listener a glimpse into the mind of producers by spotlighting artists and laying a interview with them over the top of a set comprised solely of their music. He's also begun taking baby steps back into the world of internet radio appearing as a guest on Blake Baltimore's Abandon Logic show on DI.fm. Not much else is known about him other than his love for music. "I typically play my sets close to my chest, but it's time to get out there and start spread the Progspel again" he said.

According to Liddle Rascal, life is like his favorite DJ set... He's stuck in the transition waiting, no praying, for the beat to drop.


09/08/14, 1-4 PM [PST]
as usual on the Progressive channel of DI.FM

You can stream and also download the latest episode of Electronic Devotion on Piet van Noord's official Soundcloud profile. You can join him on Facebook as well to get the latest news!