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Since his early years Jan Taubmann has been in touch with all kinds of music. It all started when the young kid from Upper Franconia got his hands on his first piano. Ever since music has been a big part of Jan's life. After having played piano for over a decade, his taste changed to heavy basslines and funky hip hop beats.
Only in 2011 while partying in Berlin, he found his passion for the sound of techno and the 4/4 rhythm. It was only a matter of time that he'd put that passion to work. So in 2013 he got his first 1210s and started to create his own mixes. Shortly after he founded his label and event organization Villa Tu|Nicht|Gut in Passau and has been planing different events and parties all over Bavaria, Budapest and even back to Berlin

Over the years his sound changed from House to a more deep melodic Techno which he first heard that day back in Berlin. He has played amongst acts like Wankelmut, Klaudia Gawlas, Recondite, Alle Farben, Tinush and many more.

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06/12/2017, 1-3 PM [PST]
as usual on the Progressive channel of DI.FM

You can stream the latest episodes of Electronic Devotion on Piet van Noord's official Soundcloud profile. You can join him on Facebook as well to get the latest news!