Piet van Noord

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Daniel Goldbach was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1979 and discovered his love for electronic Music in the early 90s while living in Dublin where he began to discover the Techno Scene at some underground warehouse raves that were very much influenced by British artists and labels. Soon later he began to play himself as a DJ playing mostly German techno that was not yet as popular but loved by everyone. In the late 90s he returned to Germany and after he finished his apprenticeship as an event technician he soon began to organise his own events and became leader of a Munich based collective called Selectronix.
After 6 successful years with Selectronix he began to discover that he is not only attracted to techno but also it is not only techno and discovered his love for more groovy and pumping genres like deep house and tech house. Soon afterwards he founded the Purepleasure crew which is still active today, celebrating a new era filled with more passion and devotion to sensitivity and connecting people with a more open hearted and minded attitude. In the music he plays nowadays you can find all different shades of emotions from deep to groovy or techy. His greatest aim is to always reflect the energy of a certain crowd or setting.

In the recent 5 years Daniel has lived in various spots of Brasil, Argentina, Ibiza and Berlin to gather more various influences and also share his music with other cultures. His last big Journey took place in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico and he is currently back in Europe organising and playing mostly open air events with a deep passion towards sunshine, love and harmony.


07/11/2016, 1-3 PM [PST]
as usual on the Progressive channel of DI.FM

You can stream and also download the latest episode of Electronic Devotion on Piet van Noord's official Soundcloud profile. You can join him on Facebook as well to get the latest news!